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DC Wants YOU To Lug
This Through Your Home

It ain't pretty is it?

Or good for the floors,

Or easy on your walls,

Or your back

But that's exactly what the DC Council and Mayor Bowser want you to do.

Or you will be fined.

OK, nobody passed a specific law.  The Law of Unintended Consequences kicked in and Jack Evans doesn't seem to care.

Here's how this silliness got started

If you live in a historical district you've gotta keep the cityscape looking like it did years ago.  For most of us that's the early 1900's.  Back then, kitchens and trash were in the back.  And trash was picked up from the alley.

There's a whole historical apparatus in DC government to make sure we toe the historical line.  You can count on getting a fine for putting a jeweled chrome door on your Victorian bay-front or a shelter to hide trash cans.

Meanwhile in another compartment of the DC governance, larger trash trucks were endorsed for a whole host of reasons including new trash hauling contracts.

Big trucks don't fit in Victorian alleys.  So DC ordered us to put the trash out front for a twice weekly ticker tape parade & trash pickup.

Rats seem to love this free lunch.

So DC struck again with hefty fines if we do not keep trash in rat-proof containers.

Now the stage is set.

Our Dilemma

Trash is no longer picked up from the alley.  You'll get a fine for historically incorrect trash can housing out front.  You'll get a fine for leaving trash cans out front.  And you'll get fined for not using a trash cans.

So you gotta haul that %#! trash can through your living quarters.

At least one council person ignores your dilemma

For over ten years Councilperson Evans' staff has known about this and steadfastly maintained that the well funded Chairman of the Finance Committee is utterly powerless.

STOP this silliness

Resume Alley Trash Pickup!


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